“You cannot paint white on white or black on black. Everyone needs the other in order to be seen.”
- African wisdom

ONE THOUSAND MAUD SUMNERS – An overview of her work and 1000 images – Compiled by Gerard de Kamper

“She is considered one of the most international of South Africa’s artists, due to her experience of French, English and South African life”

                   Ridley Beeton


Battersea Electricity Station


Maud Sumner. Self portret


Gerard de Kamper, sorting images of Sumner’s works for inclusion in the publication Thousand paintings by Maud Sumner

Provisional publishing date February 2019


Compilers: Gerard de Kamper and co-compilers Dominique Niemandt and Alexandros Andreou


The first comprehensive guide to date of the paintings by the South African master artist Maud Sumner; a compilation of images of her work from the  beginning of  her career until her death in 1985. Also included is a short overview regarding her work.

Full colour, hard cover

Size: 245x 265mm

Pages: To be determined by inclusion of 1000+ images

Published in two editions:

Collector’s Edition, limited to 200 numbered copies , signed by the compiler

De Luxe Edition:

Limited to 50 copies, specially bound, signed