This is the first comprehensive book dealing with the pottery potters of the Consolidated Rand Brick, Pottery and Lime Company Limited. The founding of the pottery owes a great deal to Thomas Major Cullinan(1862).

A large number of prominent painters and sculptorscontributed in some or other way to the artworks produced in the Ceramic Studio, e.g. E B Bird, Joan Couzyn,Yolanda Friend, Erich Mayer, JH PierneefandMoses Kotler,to name but  a few.

Visitors included Gen Jan Smuts; Prince Alexander, the Earl of Athlone; Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone; Lady Caroline Magdelen Oppenheimer, etc.

Full colour and hard cover.


Size: 245x265mm

Published in two editions:

Collector’s Edition: Limited to 220 copies, numbered.

De Luxe Edition: Limited to 30 copies,specially bound, numbered, signed andeach with a copy of original tiles made by Prof. Duffey(inlay on cover).

 The compilers, Riana Heymans, Jan Middeljansand Prof. Alex Duffey in the archives of the DitsongMuseum in Pretoria, selecting works for inclusion in the publication.

The compilers with provisional proofs in proof-binding.