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Anton Boonzaier


Emile Boonzaier


Lucian Boonzaier

The most complete publication on the lino prints of Gregoire Boonzaier to date.

The contents include a short overview of his life, images of sketches for prints, prints, linoblocks, coloured-in prints and works in other mediums e.g. oils, relevant to the prints.

 “No doubt he would have rejected some of the earlier linocuts for inclusion in this book. But by including all of those we could locate, we believe that this collection gives a better overview of his development and ultimate production of many outstanding works in this undervalued medium which should enhance his legacy.”

                                                                                                                                                                Emile and Lucian Boonzaier

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Sas sorting out Gregoire prints for inclusion in our publication Gregoire in Print