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Anton Boonzaier

Emile Boonzaier

Lucian Boonzaier

The most complete publication on the lino prints of Gregoire Boonzaier to date.

The contents include a short overview of his life, images of sketches for prints, prints, linoblocks, coloured-in prints and works in other mediums e.g. oils, relevant to the prints.

 “No doubt he would have rejected some of the earlier linocuts for inclusion in this book. But by including all of those we could locate, we believe that this collection gives a better overview of his development and ultimate production of many outstanding works in this undervalued medium which should enhance his legacy.”

                                                                                                                                                                Emile and Lucian Boonzaier

Full colour, hard cover.

Size: 245x265mm

Images: 200+

Published in two editions:

Collector’s Edition: numbered and signed

De Luxe Edition: Specially bound, signed and hand printed reprint of a Gregoire linocut signed by Lucian and Emile Boonzaier, bound in. Also included is a one hour DVD on the life of Gregoire the man and artist.


Sas sorting out Gregoire prints for inclusion in our publication Gregoire in Print


Publishing dates; mid 2018

OLIFANTSFONTEIN POTTERIES 1907–1962 COMPILERS, Prof Alexander E Duffey, Riana Heymans, Jan Middeljans

This is the first comprehensive book dealing with the pottery potters of the Consolidated Rand Brick, Pottery and Lime Company Limited. The founding of the pottery owes a great deal to Thomas Major Cullinan(1862).

A large number of prominent painters and sculptorscontributed in some or other way to the artworks produced in the Ceramic Studio, e.g. E B Bird, Joan Couzyn,Yolanda Friend, Erich Mayer, JH PierneefandMoses Kotler,to name but  a few.

Visitors included Gen Jan Smuts; Prince Alexander, the Earl of Athlone; Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone; Lady Caroline Magdelen Oppenheimer, etc.

Full colour and hard cover.


Size: 245x265mm

Published in two editions:

Collector’s Edition: Limited to 220 copies, numbered.

De Luxe Edition: Limited to 30 copies,specially bound, numbered, signed andeach with a copy of original tiles made by Prof. Duffey(inlay on cover).

 The compilers, Riana Heymans, Jan Middeljansand Prof. Alex Duffey in the archives of the DitsongMuseum in Pretoria, selecting works for inclusion in the publication.

The compilers with provisional proofs in proof-binding.

New Publication: Ode to the Miner. Based on the sculptures of miners by Tienie Pritchard

Ode to the Miner. Based on the sculptures of miners by Tienie Pritchard

Price Standard edition R 1,250.00

Ode to the Miner, by Sas Kloppers, is about mining in South Africa and is inspired by the sculptures of miners by Tienie Pritchard. Mining in South Africa was an important determinate of South Africa’s political, economic and cultural history.

Cheking printproofs of Ode To The Miner by Sas Kloppers

JH Pierneef in Print

JH Pierneef in Print

Pierneef  Standard                 SOLD OUT

Pierneef De Luxe                    SOLD OUT


De Luxe Edition . Specially bound for Dream Africa in full leather. Signed and numbered 1/1 . DVD included



Still Available

Standard Edition : Soft Cover . Not signed or numbered . Price R750.00

De Luxe Edition; specially bound for Dream Africa  in leather no 1/1  and signed . DVD also included. Price R6000.00


Tienie Pritchard. Sculptor of the nude. A narrative account of his work by Elna Pritchard

Tienie Pritcahard-Sculptor of the Nude- A Narrative. Author –Elna Pritchard

Pages 214- Hard cover, 335 x 240 mm, Full colour, signed by Artists and Author

Standard edition: 280 copies, signed and numbered                                                                                        R1000,00

Pritchard Cover

Collector’s edition: leather bound with original bronze relief inlay, 20 copies, signed and numbered         R15,000.00 – SOLD OUT




De Luxe Edition, numbered 1/1, signed,  specially bound in full leather for Dream Africa, with Nude in bronze; AP: Artist Proof,  specially cast for this publication .    Price R30, 000.00



A Directory of Namibian Artists – A Collector’s Guide. Sas Kloppers – Author

Pages 192, soft cover, size 210 x 250 mm, full colour, numbered

Standard edition: R 550.00


Collector’s edition: specially bound, numbered; 1-50; signed R1,200.00


De Luxe edition: leather bound, coded O-P; signed R3,250.00


Adriaan Boshoff – The Man and His Work. Louise Boshoff, Sas Kloppers – Editor

Adriaan Boshoff – The Man and His Work. Louise Boshoff, Sas Kloppers  – Editor

Pages 262, hard cover, 290 x 297 mm, full colour; signed


Standard edition: R 1000.00



Collector’s edition with DVD: leather bound, case folder, numbered from 1–70; signed

R 4,750.00

De Luxe edition: leather bound, case folder, numbered from 1–20 each with original sketch; signed: Sold Out