The word is for everyone in this world; it must come and go and be interchanged, for it is good to give and to receive the forces of life.
- African wisdom

A Cultural Image of South Africa

A Cultural Image of South Africa

Hard cover, full colour, size 180 x 180 mm

A set of 18 books    R 1687.50
A set of 18 wall charts   R 1687.50
A set of 3 DVD’S  R 375.00
Total R 3750.00 per set.  Vat inclusive
Can be bought separately

The South African Cultural Mosaic, The English Speaking People, The Afrikaner People, The Indian People, The Karretjie People, The Chinese/Taiwanese People, The Coloured People, The Khoekhoen, The San People, The Sesotho sa Leboa-speaking People, The Sesotho-speaking People, The Setswana-speaking People, The Xitsonga-speaking People, The Tshivenda-speaking People, The SiSwati, The IsiNdebele-speaking People, The IsiXhosa-speaking People, The IsiZulu-speaking People.