“You cannot paint white on white or black on black. Everyone needs the other in order to be seen.”
- African wisdom

New Publication: Ode to the Miner. Based on the sculptures of miners by Tienie Pritchard

Ode to the Miner. Based on the sculptures of miners by Tienie Pritchard

Price Standard edition R 1,250.00

Ode to the Miner, by Sas Kloppers, is about mining in South Africa and is inspired by the sculptures of miners by Tienie Pritchard. Mining in South Africa was an important determinate of South Africa’s political, economic and cultural history.

Cheking printproofs of Ode To The Miner by Sas Kloppers

JH Pierneef in Print

JH Pierneef in Print

Pierneef  Standard                 SOLD OUT

Pierneef De Luxe                    SOLD OUT


De Luxe Edition . Specially bound for Dream Africa in full leather. Signed and numbered 1/1 . DVD included



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Standard Edition : Soft Cover . Not signed or numbered . Price R750.00

De Luxe Edition; specially bound for Dream Africa  in leather no 1/1  and signed . DVD also included. Price R6000.00


JUNGLE MAN. Mtanda Batho. Elephant Hunter and Adventurer. The Autobiography of Major PJ Pretorius.

Jungle Man-Mtanda Batho; Hunter and Adventurer. The Autobiography of Major P J Pretorius

Pages 653, black and white. Hard cover- full coulour, 235 x 167 mm.

Standard edition, 1000 copies                             R850.00

De Luxe Edition: Limited to 50 copies, signed by his eldest living daughter. Hardcover, leather bound                 R3250.00

jungle man image



African Indigenous Knowledge (a set of 12 books)

African Indigenous Knowledge (a set of 12 books)

Soft cover, full colour, size 180 x 180 mm

Per set                                                                                               R995.00 (incl VAT)

Introduction, Art & Pottery, Mining, Architecture, Mathematics, Agriculture& Herding, Weaving-Plaiting & Beadwork, Hunting & Fishing, Astronomy, Women-First & Foremost, Medicine & Healing, Music

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A Cultural Image of South Africa

A Cultural Image of South Africa

Hard cover, full colour, size 180 x 180 mm

A set of 18 books    R 1687.50
A set of 18 wall charts   R 1687.50
A set of 3 DVD’S  R 375.00
Total R 3750.00 per set.  Vat inclusive
Can be bought separately

The South African Cultural Mosaic, The English Speaking People, The Afrikaner People, The Indian People, The Karretjie People, The Chinese/Taiwanese People, The Coloured People, The Khoekhoen, The San People, The Sesotho sa Leboa-speaking People, The Sesotho-speaking People, The Setswana-speaking People, The Xitsonga-speaking People, The Tshivenda-speaking People, The SiSwati, The IsiNdebele-speaking People, The IsiXhosa-speaking People, The IsiZulu-speaking People.


Traditional Dances & Music of South Africa (a set of 3 x DVDs – 300 minutes)

Per set                                                                                               R375.00 (incl VAT)

Covering the music and dances of 17 cultural groups in South Africa.

AmaZulu, AmaXhosa, AmaSwazi, AmaNdebele, Khoekhoe-Griquas and Namas, San-Bushmen – The Khomani, Basotho ba Leboa, Batswana, Basotho, Vhavenda, Vatsonga, Scottish, Irish, English, Afrikaner, Cape Coloured, Indian-Hindu

Traditional Dances and Music of South Africa web


Tienie Pritchard. Sculptor of the nude. A narrative account of his work by Elna Pritchard

Tienie Pritcahard-Sculptor of the Nude- A Narrative. Author –Elna Pritchard

Pages 214- Hard cover, 335 x 240 mm, Full colour, signed by Artists and Author

Standard edition: 280 copies, signed and numbered                                                                                        R1000,00

Pritchard Cover

Collector’s edition: leather bound with original bronze relief inlay, 20 copies, signed and numbered         R15,000.00 – SOLD OUT




De Luxe Edition, numbered 1/1, signed,  specially bound in full leather for Dream Africa, with Nude in bronze; AP: Artist Proof,  specially cast for this publication .    Price R30, 000.00